Shoreham Downs Park Information

Shoreham Downs  Village Park  

* The park gates open officially on April 1st and remain open from dawn to dusk, through October 31st.                      

* Walkers are welcome to utilize this beautiful asset year round. 
      During our off season, our residents are welcomed to take advantage of the open space and walk paths, even though the main gate to parking will be            closed.  Cars may park in the area in front of the park gate. We do not plow the park drive or parking lot in the winter.

* Limited parking is available outside the gate during off season. 
(Note - The Park lane and parking lot are not plowed during the winter months.)

The following is available during season:

Parallel parking along the entrance drive and a small parking area in the main park.

* A port-o-let with a hand wash sink, including toddler seat for little ones.
* A drinking fountain.
* Two '"Little Free Libraries'" with books for children and adults.

* Two tennis courts;
          a basketball hoop and half court;
          a field with backstop to play softball or kickball.

* Two playground play areas for toddlers and older children.

* A beautiful Merry-go-round and slide that adults recall playing on as children.

* Swings for children and toddlers.

* A Pavilion and a Gazebo with picnic tables.

* Two walk paths. The paved walk path is our oldest and used by walkers and children on bikes.

* Ups and Downs mulch walk path is located in the park area along the drive, by the original pony      barn. Ups and Downs is for walkers only. For safety reasons, unattended children under 12 are not permitted in the area. 

* Dogs are welcome but must be leashed at all times and all waste picked up and properly disposed of. Waste mitts are provided in both park areas.

* Monarch butterfly garden located along the walk path at the East end of the park.

* COMING 2021- Sand pit volleyball court!

**The Pavilion may be reserved by filling out the form located on the Village website. There is no charge for Shoreham Residents. 


Helena Russell - Park Manager   
     [email protected]     530-648-8113 

 or Stephanie Clarke
      [email protected]       269-408-1393