St. Joseph Charter Township

Saint Joseph Charter Township

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The Village of Shoreham lies within the boundaries of Saint Joseph Charter Township (6.6 m2 ). Meetings are held at the Township Hall and are open to the Public. SJCT is an entity which has a lot of impact within the village, for instance, by law, villages no longer administer elections, it must be done by the township the Village is part of.

Township Board of Trustees 1st Monday of the Month, 12 pm – Workshop 6 pm – Regular Meeting
Planning Commission 6:30 pm – 2nd Tuesday Monthly
Zoning Board of Appeals 7 pm – 2nd Wednesday (As Requested)

Some responsibilities are shared…..the Saint Joseph Charter Township Police Dept., Fire Dept, Assessor’s Office, and Building Dept. are entities which are shared with Shoreham Village. 
For police/fire dept. information - Click POLICE, FIRE DEPT page.