Treasurer - Pete Plikaitis

[email protected]          773-314-3053       
Contact for all payments, including fees, taxes, fines or questions

Payments Payments for taxes, fines, and fees may be sent to -
Village of Shoreham
Attn: Treasurer
2120 Brown School Rd.
Saint Joseph, MI 49085

The Village of Shoreham collects real estate taxes once each year.  Tax bills are mailed on July 1st of each year, please call the village at 773 314 3053 if you have not received your bill by the 10th of the month.  Taxes are due by September 14th.  The payment MUST be RECEIVED by the due date, postmarks do not come into any consideration as to when the taxes are received by the village.

Bills get mailed to the owner of record as recorded at Berrien County Register of deeds.  Please contact Berrien County at 269-983-7111 x 8562 to make corrections.

When writing checks please ensure the written words of the amount match the number written

When sending via bill pay, make sure your name and your tax id # appear on the check so that we can ensure the check is applied to your property.

If you would like a receipt of your taxes, please enclose a self addressed and stamped envelope with your remittance and a copy of your receipt will be sent in the provided envelope.

Property taxes may be viewed online at

or you may pay online.

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