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Berrien County MI, Hazard Mitigation Survey

Berrien County, MI Hazard Mitigation Survey (Disaster Management) – Click to View information ------ Berrien County is asking it’s residents to participate in a survey to answer the following questions: What disasters we should be most focused on? Where do we suffer the worst impacts or damage? What should we do about lessening those impacts? To participate in the survey visit: Posted: 6/5/2021

VILLAGE OF SHOREHAM Spring 2021 Newsletter

VILLAGE of SHOREHAM Spring 2021 Newsletter -------------------------------------------------- Click to view detailsPosted: 4/10/2021

Village of Shoreham Board Meetings

The Village of Council Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm. The Board will resume meeting at the Village Hall beginning March 17, 2021. Our residents may join us on zoom until further notice. Posted: 11/16/2020

Now Accepting Online Payments

Pay taxes, fines, and fees online now.Posted: 9/1/2020

Pavilion Reservations

The park pavilion may be reserved by filling out the park pavilion request form online.Posted: 8/3/2020

Get Agendas & Minutes Online

Keep up with the latest news from the Village Council.Posted: 7/2/2020

Pot hole on your street?

Whether you need to report a pot hole, a burned out street light, or some other issue, the new Shoreham Village website is the place to go.Posted: 7/1/2020

Sign up for Village email alerts

Sign up for email alerts to be notified of news and events going on in and around Shoreham Village.Posted: 7/1/2020